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D3 Creations is experienced in lesson and workshop delivery to young people and adults focusing particularly on the hardest to reach for example, young people in danger of committing knife crime, substance misuse or gang violence, learners with special needs, offenders in prison, ex-offenders and the homeless.

In addition, D3 Creations is available to offer GCSE poetry workshops using her unique lyrical approaches in rhyme to explain poetry, stanza, rhyme and rhythm in an accessible way that many young people an relate to.

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Objective & purpose:

To explore creative writing techniques to offer more depth to lyrics, by creating new pieces or editing old pieces. Encourage students to have the confidence to perform.

Create a mutual contract to agree on appropriate conduct in the session.

Talk about the importance of being creative in writing. Exploring Metaphor’s and Similes.

Anticipatory set:

Creating a space to allow students to feel comfortable to write and possibly share.

Have a class discussion about comparing one object/emotion to another to give it more ‘life’. Encourage students to use metaphors and simile’s, to describe things. Offer worksheets to assist with learning.

Start constructing written piece showing evidence of the use of simile and/or metaphors.

Input Modelling:

Performing one of my own pieces to give an example.

Performing a piece of my own to give an example of creative writing and show it is not ‘boring’.

Check for understanding:

Encourage students to talk about the topic during discussion. Reflect to the pieces they have written.

Allowing students to offer suggestions and writing them on the board for reminders. Having fun in a group discussion.

Guided and independent practice:

Student will be given the opportunity to discuss the topic with the group and the teacher individually.

When students are left with time to work on their pieces, I am available for one to one assistance.


Feedback, offering advice for similar support in writing & performing.

Encouraged to share their written pieces with the class. Student’s will be asked if they found it helpful.

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